Conquering Leo’s Fear of the Dentist


To some, flossing may be a simple thing, but not to Leo S. This is his story.

Leo was so fearful of flossing that he stayed away from our office (which he loves by the way) for seven years. It was a dental emergency that brought him back to Dr. Robin’s office. With much embarrassment and tears, Leo explained the depth of his anxiety when it comes to flossing.

We know how sheepish most of our patients become when asked during their routine hygiene visit: “How often do you floss?” Leo was at a whole different level. He was so fearful that he actually felt serious pain while flossing. He was afraid he would cause harm if he flossed, so he didn’t. Dr. Robin and her staff pride themselves on their personal service for every patient and so we began our desensitization process. They gave Leo different types of floss to try including mint flavored, waxed, unwaxed, thin and thick, and also demonstrated a simple flossing technique.

Now when Leo comes in for his regular check-ups, we always review his great new flossing technique. Progress is slow but definite, which is understandable when you have lived with a fear for so long. It might seem so obvious that not taking care of your teeth does harm, but when those fears take over it simply outweighs everything.

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