The Secret to Avoiding Bleeding Gums and Yellow Teeth

Charcoal is more aggressive than the average toothpaste. For patients that don’t brush aggressively and experience a buildup, charcoal toothpaste removes plaque and eases inflamed and bleeding gums. 

Dr. Robin and her team were incredibly impressed with charcoal’s impact on their long-time patient Sandy. She is a sharp and lovely French woman who has always struggled with her dental health. Her hygiene visits were a sad story. Her gums would bleed profusely. It was simply depressing. We tried everything from deep scale root planning, need to describe…is this accurate: which is deep cleaning below the gum line, to laser treatments. While our efforts worked temporarily, she was unable to maintain that level of health between visits.

Last year, after investing over $1,600 in these conventional methods, Sandy returned once again with bleeding gums and yellowed teeth. We knew that Sandy was not aggressive enough with her daily dental hygiene, but we were at a loss for what else to suggest. Her gentle brushing approach allowed the plaque to build up and recreate the problems we had solved.

Dr. Robin’s team was shocked at Sandy’s next visit!

When Sandy came for her regular checkup, they could not believe how great her mouth looked. Sandy explained that she went online and researched routines for improving her dental health at home. She learned about charcoal as a means to improve the health of her mouth and began brushing with a charcoal powder once a week. The improvement was tremendous.

Dr. Robin offers a line of charcoal products or can suggest others available online if you struggle with similar issues.

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